Glory to Glory Christian Church Music Ministry (formally known as The Greater New Higher Heights Christian Church) is able to reach diverse groups of people and

strive to follow the mission of the church. The music ministry has ministered at various places such as theaters, festivals, concert halls, stadiums, record stores and

university campuses. They have been featured in performances with dozens of recording artists including Bishop Walter Hawkins and the Love Center Choir,

Edwin Hawkins Music and Arts Seminar Choir, Reverend James Cleveland, John P. Kee and the New Life Community Choir, Vickie Winans, Milton Brunson

and the Thompson Community Choir, Ricky Dillard and the New Generation Choir, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Albertina Walker, Bishop Albert Jamison and

Gospel Music Workshop of America, Rodney Posey, Bishop Yvette Flunder and National Fellowship 2000 Choir, ONeal Twins, Bobby Jones, Bishop Carlton Pearson,

Shirley Miller, Bishop Larry Trotter and Sweet Holy Spirit Choir of Chicago, Richard Smallwood and Vision, Bishop Andre Woods and Chosen,

Thomas Whitfield Company of Detroit, Lynette Hawkins Stephens, Tri-ni Tee 5:7, Shaun Pace, Gospel Soul Children of Chicago, Darryl Coley, Minister Jeffery LaValley,

Minister Dwayne Woods, Larnell Harris, David Peaston, Kevin Bond, Geraldine Gallagher, and Celine Dion.




Exhortations is the first album released by Glory to Glory Christian Church (formally known as The Greater New Higher Heights Christian Church) featuring

Bishop Wyatt I. Greenlee, Jr.  and the Music Ministry of the Glory to Glory Christian Church (formally known as The Greater New Higher Heights Christian Church).

This live recording produced by Bishop Greenlee, features an anointed medley of traditional gospel, hymns, anthems, instrumental melodies and African-Cuban

praise music. We are currently working on our newest project that was recorded live on July 3, 2009 entitled Still Standing soon to be released.

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