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Matthew 5:16 - Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

​It is Gods desire to bring The Church back into alignment with the Truth of Christ. Over  the past two thousand years there has been much doctrine developed that has resulted in a tremendous amount of error. The Church has put herself first over God. However, the Church is to be the servant. It is to be a spiritual organism not meant to exist independently of spirituality. The Church/religion is much like traffic laws. The traffic laws are simply  there to allow everyone to get where they are going without interfering with ones journey regardless of the mode of transportation they are using. The traffic laws don't tell you where to go; they just provide the opportunity for you to arrive safely. There are not different laws if you are walking, riding bicycles, riding motorcycle, driving a bus, driving a car, or anything else. The same laws apply just different modes of transportation, different journeys. The purpose of the church is not to push people who are walking on to a bus, nor to push people off the bus to make them walk. No, the purpose of the church is to provide opportunity for everyone to get there. But in church as we know it is caught up in trying to control how everybody gets from here to there trying to determine where everybody need to be going. Furthermore, just as people need to conform to the traffic laws, the traffic laws need to conform to the people. Just like church people need to conform to the doctrine of the church but the doctrine of the church needs to conform to the people. That's what Jesus meant in Matthew 16:18 -19  I will build; you will birth. What is the point of church if not for the purpose of assisting people along their spiritual journeys? What is the purpose of the church, how can the church evolve if we keep putting detours, blockades, tolls, and land mines along the way. The church should be there to support the people and to get them to see Jesus and not to see the church (not the building) Help people to see Jesus, then they will see themselves and all of their completion and perfection.  The saints are so immature, so insecure. We can never be all of who God intended for us to be until we realize we are not competing against each other to see who is greater,  who is best who has the best choir, who has the most members, who has the largest building, who I can tear down to make myself look good. We all have the potential  because if Christ is in us all than we all can reveal our Christ nature in life.


Our Mission at Glory to Glory Christian Church-UCC, Church Without Walls is a Christ-Centered, Kingdom-principled, Global ministry focused on the holistic development, empowerment, and life transformation of diverse and marginalized people, making a positive impact on the community and the world while advocating and promoting justice for all.


Our vision is to realign the church with Gods original intent so that Christ can be revealed through all people, making room at Gods table for every human being, demonstrating the extravagant welcome, radical love and power of God in the earth realm and reconciling people to Christ as we bring the entire Body of Christ into oneness and rid the church of walls and limitations both spiritually and naturally.

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